Does Caffeine Promote Weight Loss

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Trying to find a reliable way to lose weight? Many people opt for different weight loss methods, which can be quite dangerous and unhealthy. Though using different types of drugs and foods is not a new concept, but some of these ideas may prove just too dangerous for your health. Many people opt for caffeine to lose weight. But, does it really promote weight loss? Read on.

Caffeine is a natural substance, which is found in many foods and drink items including coffee, chocolate, tea, and caffeinated drinks. Caffeine causes the kidneys to produce more urine, and thus one needs to pass the urine more frequently. However, you should definitely avoid having these products in large quantities due to their serious implications on your health. For example, you might start experiencing palpitations or end up damaging your teeth and hygiene with excessive intake of caffeine. All products that contain caffeine content can even rot your teeth. Many studies indicate that caffeine is beneficial to your heart, but only when you have no history of hypertension in your family.

Many people opt for caffeine for two main reasons. Firstly, caffeine has diuretic properties, and it promotes fluid loss from your body. This doesn't have a serious implication on your health provided you keep replacing it with clear fluids such as plain water. The second main reason for opting for caffeine-rich products is for losing weight. People opting for soft drinks tend to eat less food and lose more fluid due to its diuretic effect on your body. But, one should not use caffeine to slim down as it has a direct effect on your health. Other than this, it has its own side effects.

Though caffeine is often used as a major aid for losing weight, its excessive intake must be avoided due to the potential risks to your health. In fact, many health and weight control programs recommend lowering the intake of caffeine due to its ill-effects on your overall health.

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Does Caffeine Promote Weight Loss

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This article was published on 2010/04/01