Is Caffeine Effective For Weight Loss?

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Caffeine is one of the most popular things that people from all walks of life put into their bodies. Who doesn't like to start their day off or cap a great meal with a cup of coffee after all? Many other people love sodas and there are many other ways that we ingest caffeine in our daily diets and lifestyles. There has been lots of contradictory information however in the last few years about whether or not caffeine is good for weight loss. It's essential to get to the truth of the matter and determine whether or not caffeine will help or hurt your efforts to achieving a better body so you can adjust your intake accordingly.

The good news is that caffeine can be helpful and effective for weight loss in several different ways. The first of which is that caffeine actually increases the process of thermogenesis, which is one of your body's methods for creating heat, doing so by burning calories. With a boost to your thermogenesis you'll be burning more calories for a period of time after you ingest caffeine, which can aid in the weight loss process.

Another way that caffeine can help you lose weight is by making you eat less. You'll actually have fewer cravings and be less hungry if you drink or otherwise ingest a fair amount of caffeine. The exact reason for this is a bit complicated by the compounds in caffeine signal your stomach and your brain to have less demand and desire for food.

Finally, when you drink something like coffee or a diet soda you can actually prevent yourself from snacking or eating something with more calories. Many people who smoke cigarettes do the same thing. Of course I won't recommend smoking cigarettes as part of a health plan, but when you occupy your body and your mind with a caffeinated beverage you can prevent yourself from reaching out to an unhealthy snack.

With all of this said, caffeine isn't the miracle compound that some people have made it out to be either. Some people claim that caffeine can easily help you lose multiple pounds but the truth is that caffeine only helps you lose water weight. So technically if you drink lot of caffeine you will lose a few pounds, for a short amount of time. This happens from all of the times you have to go to the bathroom afterwards! But besides this, the weight will be gained right back, so caffeine can instantly and consistently help you lose weight in this fashion.

One last thing to remember is that you have to make smart choices with your caffeine. If you drink a soda with lots of calories from sugar, all of the benefits from caffeine are outdone. Or if you get a fancy mocha or caramel beverage from Starbucks or Dunkin' Donuts, you'll again be ingesting far more empty calories than caffeine will help you get rid of.

So make better choices with your caffeine, such as a diet soda or a coffee with just a little bit of milk and sugar. If you get your caffeine in these types of ways and you don't expect it to help you lose dramatic amounts of weight with no effort, you'll be able to enjoy some nice benefits using caffeine for weight loss.

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Is Caffeine Effective For Weight Loss?

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This article was published on 2010/03/31