Tips to Truth - Weight Loss, Caffeine Or No Caffeine?

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The subject of weight loss, caffeine or not caffeine is still one of hot debate and even a touch of speculation or should I say controversy too. People are hoping that adding an injection of caffeine into their diet will boost calorie burning rate and help you shed a few extra pounds.

Well to save you the time I did my research and this is what I discovered:

Appetite Suppression: Caffeine will act as an appetite suppression and reduce your desire to eat. But it will only do this for a short time. There no evidence to suggest that it will help you lose weight long term.

Water Loss: It is a diuretic. This means it makes you want to go to the bathroom if you weren't sure. So if you drink a lot of it then be prepared to take trip after trip. Yes it will therefor help you to shed water from your body which will reduce your weight slightly. But remember all you have lost is water.

You will find you become slightly de-hydrated and therefor you will want or need to drink some water, replacing what the caffeine caused you to lose in the first place.

Calorie Burning: Caffeine does stimulate thermogenesis. This is one method your body uses to generate heat and energy whilst digesting food. While this happens to all of us when we drink a coffee the stimulation isn't great enough to have a significant effect on the amount of calories we burn.

So its obvious that there are effects from caffeine that have caused a stir in the weight loss world, but the hard evidence is suggesting the impact is too little to see any significant weight reductions or fat loss.

Weight loss, caffeine or not to caffeine? Sure have your usual cups of coffee or tea but don't rely on this to help you lose any weight.

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Tips to Truth - Weight Loss, Caffeine Or No Caffeine?

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This article was published on 2010/04/01